Pristine Preview: Thoughts on Exhibitions

It is about exhibitions! This blog will be the platform where I will share my views on the discipline of exhibition-making and where you will be able to share yours.

Welcome to my last project: Pristine Preview.

Exhibition-making will be the focus here. Exhibition-making as a creative practice, autonomous, which deserves attention, analysis, critics and simply that we talk about it. It will be celebrated in all of its forms – with maybe a little focus on fashion and digital, as they are both my passions and specialties. I will also share my projects, from an article I might be writing to an exhibition I might be curating.

Let’s just give you a little bit of context.

I started my education in Paris, studying Art History at université Panthéon-Sorbonne. For my master’s dissertations, I decided to specialize in Fashion History. I first studied the historical couture house Callot Soeurs (here is an overview, for those of you who understand French: IFM Talk) and I then focused on the couture industry in general during the Belle Epoque, trying to understand how it built itself as an artform. I then moved to London and studied Fashion Curation at London College of Fashion with Amy de la Haye and Judith Clark. This time, for my master project, I built a digital exhibition inspired by social media, working with moving image and augmented reality (to know more: EHO).

In parallel, I spent two months at New York University, founded Culturia (and had been its chairman for two years), interned in the fashion department at Les Arts Décoratifs in Paris, developed the Google Art Project Fan Museum’s page, curated exhibitions at London College of Fashion’s Library, worked on a takeover of Diesel’s London flagship store, built a smartphone app idea during MODUAL, wrote for diverse online platforms (Histoire de Mode, Bizart Magazine), …

All these projects have been rich and rewarding and helped me found my way. They have built my eye, developed my creative thinking and made me realized what was the path I wanted to follow. I feel now ready to share my views and projects with who might be interested, and excited to take you with me on that journey. It promises to be inspiring. Fell free to give your feedback, I would gladly respond and start a conversation.

Reviews, interviews, behind-the-scenes, videos, … I have a lot of ideas in my drawer. I can already tell you that future posts will take you to the Jewish Museum for Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait, and to a late night at the Science Museum (both in London). For now, let’s just start with a few pictures from The World of Anna Sui, the new exhibition at The Fashion and Textile Museum.

Thank you for reading and I’ll talk to you soon!


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