Lady’s Back [Project. moment 0]

Recently, I have been thinking about starting a new personal project. Working as a project manager in an exhibition-design company is fulfilling in a lot of ways but I still feel the need to be creative in my own personal way. I miss experiencing the creative process. Plus, I need a platform to express my thoughts, feelings and impressions. As a starting point, I went back to the videos I made for my master project while studying at London College of Fashion at the end of 2016. One in particular: Lady. I felt that, somehow, I was not done with…

South African National Gallery @ Iziko Museum, Cape Town.

Happy New Year Year everyone! Starting this new year with a post about a museum. I’ve been in Cape Town for three months but realised haven’t been writing much about the local museum offer. I visited the South African National Gallery at the end of last year, and really liked it. Thought it was worth sharing. The South African National Gallery is in the Company Gardens in the heart of Cape Town. In contrary to a lot of museums I have been to, there is no permanent gallery. The building is divided into six spaces, each being an autonomous temporary exhibition….