Lady’s Back [Project. moment 0]

Recently, I have been thinking about starting a new personal project. Working as a project manager in an exhibition-design company is fulfilling in a lot of ways but I still feel the need to be creative in my own personal way. I miss experiencing the creative process. Plus, I need a platform to express my thoughts, feelings and impressions.

As a starting point, I went back to the videos I made for my master project while studying at London College of Fashion at the end of 2016. One in particular: Lady. I felt that, somehow, I was not done with it. Lady is the most polished video of the seven I made at that time (will explain the whole project in my next post!). It is an expression of my sexuality and of the journey I have taken exploring it, while also being a reflection on fashion and social media.

I have been watching Lady over and over again this past weeks, being a viewer of my own work. Today, I feel the need to respond to it. Why? I can’t tell; maybe because I don’t see myself in it anymore and need to express my new self. How? I am not sure yet. Using which medium? I do not know. I am gonna use the same methodology as I did a year ago: not making any plan. I am going to follow my instinct, taking the journey that is proposed to me, one step after the other. This will lead me to the response, one that I have no clue exist today. And I am going to share it. First, because a project grows from the feedback it receives, but also to be able to look back at it once the project’s complete. Sometimes, the journey is as interesting as the result. So, let’s go with the flow!

First step: watching the video: the beginning of a new journey.

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