Obsessions [ Project. moment 1]

As mentioned a few months ago, I am currently working on a personal project. I don’t know what form it will take yet. I just know that it will be a response to Lady.  At the moment, I am compelling images, documents, ideas … it’s inspiration time.

for a personal project, I like to have a very organic, spontaneous process. Meaning, I don’t plan the steps. I have some kind of idea in mind, and each step informs the next one, defining the idea more and more, building the project. This helps me focusing on what I want to do and not on what the project ‘should’ become.

Right now, I have to start with something and this something needs to come from who I am. I am thus breaking down my current obsessions. They are the elements which are going to inform the subject-matter or the aesthetic, the medium … of the ‘project’. It is also a way of collecting imagery. I am basically creating the mood board for my current self.

The objective is to create a visual world. It is about grouping all of my obsessions in one space, so they can be a base for the developments to come. It is about making them more than obsessions, but material to work with.

mood bard of my current self

I am obsessed (and it is a small word) with tattoos. I have been for a while but recently, I have started to read about it, to learn about the different styles, the culture, the industry. I have a few tattoos myself and plan on getting more. I see tattoos as body aesthetic, even as body improvement. As a way of becoming more ‘me’.

I am dancing again. I started salsa four years ago but stopped for a while when I was in London. I started again in Cape Town and it’s been almost a year of dancing salsa, bachata and kizomba. The vibe is amazing, the parties are the best. The salsa world is a big family I am proud to be part of.

Cape Town, of course. I have now spent one year in the city. I am leaving in two months and I am starting to wonder what I will remember from this time here. The beautiful scenery is one thing. Cape Town scenery is just magical, it is hard to get used to it. But it’s going to be the vibe that I’ll miss the most. The very chilled way of living: never planning, never worrying and always being spontaneous. Just be. And enjoy: you’re in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

New technologies. Always… Because of my jobs and just of my interests, I am still interested in creating immersive experiences. As explained in my previous post, they become more and more common, which gives me more and more inspiration.


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