Moving Back to Europe: What Job to Look For?

I currently work as a project manager in a company based in Cape Town, which creates educational, immersive experiences, using interactive technologies and human-centered design for museums, heritage sites, visitor attractions or corporate spaces. But, after a year in South Africa, I am now planning my return to Europe. I will be back in Paris at the beginning of December. Part of this change means quitting my current job and finding a new one in Europe. It’s a little bit sad, I have to admit. My current job has been my first ‘real’ job after university and I have enjoyed it. However, I see it as a positive change: as a way of growing professionally. A new adventure is about to start and that’s exciting. But what adventure will it be?

Job hunting takes a lot of time and I can’t afford applying for jobs I don’t really want. I am realizing that the most important thing currently for me is to find a job that means something, for me. What are the values I care about? What are the fights I want to put my energy in? What do I want to be part of? I know that in the long run, I would like to create my own company and make exhibitions, in one way or another. The challenge now is to find a job that would go into the right direction for this to happen in the future.

Because our job has so much impact on our lives in a lot of ways, it is important to be in an environment that we enjoy and want to grow in. And because I am not exactly sure of what I want, I have been listing what I know I want or don’t want to help me looking into the right direction.

  • I want to work in Europe: Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam and London being at the top of the list but not excluding other cities.
  • I want to go back to fashion and/or art in one way or another, directly or indirectly. After spending a year away from these two subjects, I am missing them.
  • I want to be creative. I am currently working as a project manager and I don’t feel 100% fulfilled in that position. I am ok with continuing with some PM tasks but would like to do more creative work including, among others: research, concept development, creative direction.
  • I want to build spatial experiences. After looking online at some opportunities, I have realized that I am more attracted to develop physical experiences whether they include new technology or not. I want to build innovative spaces. I could work in a digital-only agency only if the product developed enhances the physical experience, such as Smartify for instance.
  • I want to stay in the innovation space. I want to develop new ideas, to be challenged by the unexpected future. I want to keep thinking that everything is possible.
  • I want to work with meaningful content. I know this sounds obvious but it is very important that I believe in the values of the people I work for/with.

This is what I have so far. So if I sum it up: I want to build meaningful innovative spatial experiences with fashion and art as a creative based in Europe.

Job hunting is not an easy task. What would be your advice? how did you find your dream job? are you still looking for it? Did you always knew what you wanted to do or has it been a journey? I am interested to find out. If you have any tips, please share, my job hunting adventure has just begun – and I feel excited to share it with you!



  1. Yep. A good proviso is to do what you want to do, regardless of the the consequences. Because you will be happier, doing what you want to do.


    1. Yes absolutely thank you for this. Keeping in mind my own objective and just going for it 😉


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