Swing Swing Swing in Copenhagen

I have just spent a few days in Copenhagen to take some time off before going back to Paris. There, I visited Copenhagen Contemporary: a new art venue in Refshalevej, an old industrial area with recent developments. 

Copenhagen Contemporary is a beautiful space. Quite massive, it currently host One, Two, Three Swing! by the collective Superflex. It is an art installation which promotes collaboration and team work. Around the first space, there’s several three-seats swings just hanging there. You can swing alone or with one or two other visitors. They can be your friends, family or just someone else who came to the space. In this way, Superflex is showing that we are stronger together: being three will make swinging easier and less exhausting. It is very (very) playful!

The second room is fully covered with a carpet featuring the colours of the euro’s notes, for us to consider the every day things we are surrounded by. Hanged from the ceiling, a huge silver ball is swinging above our head. Without knowing why, it invites to sit and rest, to think and reflect.  

The first space made me think of the DIWO (Do It With Others) and DITO (Do It Together), two processes celebrated today that highlight the power of the group as opposed to the DIY (Do It Yourself). The second one is a space of reflection after play that, for some reason, I left feeling appeased. With this installation, Superflex is taking position in today’s world, in a very clever way, while giving a solution to feel better. It was a awesome experience .


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