Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all of you!

2018 was a very special year for me as I spent it almost entirely in Cape Town, South Africa. I was living my dream: I was in a city I used to dream of going to; I was working at a media company making interactive educational experiences for museums, which was where I wanted to be professionally; and on the personal side, I finally got back to dancing salsa, which simply makes me happy and to blogging! Since January last year, there’re more viewers every month on Pristine Preview and I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you all for reading! Most of you are responding positively and it’s a real gift, thank you. But 2019 is just the beginning of it all!

It’s been a week already and my head is full of future projects. First, I am going to publish an article per week minimum so there’s never a long period with no publication. Secondly, I am going to organize the posts in a clear fashion so everybody can easily browse the blog and find what she/he is looking for. I am planning a change of look later in the year. Thirdly, I am going to invite more people on the blog via interviews, photo coverage, reviews, etc. I would love Pristine Preview to become a place where talents are promoted. All of these are not new year’s resolutions, they are wishes/objectives I am going to work hard to fulfill and reach.

Looking back at my first post ever published a year and a half ago that defined what Pristine Preview was going to be, I can say that I kept most of my promises but that instead of being a platform that celebrates the art of exhibition-making, the blog has become of place that celebrates museums
more generally, what they are and represent. At least, I hope it is what it conveys. I started Pristine Preview to share my passion of exhibitions, museums and culture. Writing down my thoughts helps me a lot getting my head around what I want to give to this industry as a professional, and also as a human-being. But most importantly, I discuss my opinions with others and these discussions are what makes myself and my blog grow. That is why I am doing this. Thanks to every one of you who’s participating and sharing. It means a lot.

2019 is going to be more about museums and exhibitions as ever before! I am very excited to discover what this year has to offer and I can’t wait to share it with you!


Image on the welcoming page: House of Aurora by Massiv Art 

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