Projects (part 1)

Here is a list of selected projects I have worked on. You can find links to my portfolio to learn more, or just email me your questions :).


Touche d’Arts, performance during the opening night, Russian Tea Room Gallery, Paris, January 2014.

Culturia is a non-profit cultural organization founded in Paris in 2012 and directed by Maxime Laprade until 2014. It promotes the art of tomorrow by showcasing young artists’ works in curated exhibitions and on its website.

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LCF Library Exhibitions

An exhibit at Fashion and Performance, London College of Fashion Library, July 2016. Credit: Maxime Laprade.

The exhibitions Fashion & Christmas and Fashion & Performance were curated at London College of Fashion Library in December 2015 and July 2016.

Fashion & Performance focused on social media practices and on the performance of one self through fashion on these platforms. Each display was a social media performance in itself showcasing the experience of the library’s special collection items through social media or the links they may have with them.

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Crunch is a mobile app that arranges creative spontaneous exchange over lunch. It helps freelancers, who do not have colleagues when working from home, share moments over lunch. It thus fosters spontaneous networking.

Crunch promotional video, by Maxime Laprade.

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