Projects (part 2)

Here is a list of selected projects I have worked on. You can find links to my portfolio to learn more, or just email me your questions :).

Diesel x London College of Fashion

The winning team with Filip Novak from Novakomms. Photo credit: Novakomms.

Diesel x London College of Fashion Flagship Store takeover was a project developed in 2016. Five LCF teams took part in a competition for the takeover of the fashion brand London flagship store for the month of August, involving research, internal design, external design, marketing communication plan and launch event. The winning team: Laksamee Jong, Maxime Laprade, Griselda Ibarra, Irene Rodriguez and Eshaan Dhingra, saw its concept applied to the store.

More info

Goodle Art and Culture x The Fan Museum: We Wear Culture

The Fan Museum page on the Google Art Institue.

We Wear Culture is a global fashion project by Google. The digital company made available online for free fashion-related collections of tens of museums, schools, archives and fashion institutions around the world. We Wear Culture ‘brings you the stories behind your clothes’ as they say themselves. You should have a look, if you haven’t yet, it’s quite incredible.

More info

EHO, A Cultural Experience

EHO Virtual Exhibition.

EHO. A Cultural Experience is an exhibition. It applies the social media model: practices, structure and language to the museum’s space to make it relevant to the visitors who like, share and comment every day on the networks. EHO is a fashion exhibition because my process starts in fashion. It was developed as my master project for the MA Fashion Curation at London College of Fashion.

More info


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